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Getting started with any service is not easy. success is achieved only through the collaboration of. It is easier to serve with the co-operation of more than one person in the work of service. If we serve together, we can make the lives of many poor people better. Be a part of the breakthrough and make someone’s dream come true. Let’s help the needy, let’s change the world.

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How The Organization Started

Vijay Seva Sanstha started with a small incident. In the epidemic of corona while people were rushing to the hospital for treatment. then on the other hand, the angle of the elders, who have no essence to take care of ?? It was with this idea that the elders started giving free Tiffin. This service was named “Vijay Seva Sanstha”. With this, free meals were also given to the out of town patients and their families. Since then various service activities have been started such as provide free medical equipment, free ambulance, self-help project for ladies, meals for children etc. activities have been initiated.

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Volunteer Team

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Become A Volunteer

You can join in various service activities run by our organization as per your convenience. You can help as much as you can in our project. You can participate in the service physically and financially.

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Our Main Services

Free Tiffin service for the elderly

Meals are provided free of charge by the free Tiffin service for the destitute. disabled and lonely; elderly those who cannot make their own meals and are unable to do any work can register a Tiffin by calling the organization's mobile no.8155050505. Tiffin's are delivered at home. Dal, Rice, Sabji, Roti, Salad served in Tiffin to elderly.

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Food for hungry people

The poor people are provided food by mobile meal van by the organization, in one day 400 to 450 people are fed by the organization, served by going to a different area. Meals are served in different places by vehicle. Meal served to needy people like labor, blind, disabled.

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Serve meals to children

Meals served to children in every week by the organization. Meals are provided to 100 to 150 children. Activities related to education are also done. Fun activities are done with knowledge.

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Our Testimonials

What our valuable volunteer and donor says about us.

“The organization is doing a very good job. It is noble to work for the poor...Wishing you much progress in the future”

Bhavesh Ahir (Vavdi) Folk Singer

“Education by games, quality food tiffin delivery without charge, Ambulance service, visiting needy people and asking for their requirements are few of the commendable activities done by Vijay Seva group are really appreciated. Wish for great success and hoping all of us can get involved to spread love through services to society.”

Chetna lathiya New Jersey, USA

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